Friday, December 15, 2017

Paid Advertizing

This is a "Portuguese post" but since I only write in English (here) ill remain on this selected language and keep exercising my written English (that is far from perfect but lets carry on).

I have been thinking about writing on something that annoys me as a sport lover and citizen. Of course I will be opening a can of worms and some will call me this and that but I have been appreciating the honesty rather than the politically correct approach.

Anyway, after the introduction it might look like there’s not much juice. It gets me absolutely crazy to see """athletes""" at the prime time TV news Show advertising their ego with performances that have nothing to be related to "performance". I mean doing a marathon on the pole its cool, crazy, nonsense, call what you need to call, I even see merit on those guys that do it BUT seeing that on TV makes me sick. I mentioned the north (or south, I don’t care) pole marathon but it has been frequent to see this kind of stunts showing up, people that are mediocre athletes trying to show up by just doing more and more. I don’t blame them, I blame the TV guys or friends/connections that let this go forward. 

For me this would be fine if the real athletes had their space. Everyone cares more about where Cristiano Ronaldo had dinner and we go from this (soccer athlete) to those guys that barely scratch the athlete status, Why? Does the sport really doesn’t care about the best athletes, those that inspire the kids to do sports? I don’t the stunt man/women inspiring kids, this is of course my perception. Why aren’t there more news about our best athletes (except when we have like a world champion). Why we don’t see news about the national champions in each sport? wouldn’t they inspire young people to do better? Why am I "forced" to see mediocre athletes talking about their stupid stunts that serve nothing to the sport? is this paid advertising, that’s what I think it is. 

Don’t get me wrong I always admired the best in the sport be it curling or cliff diving. This of course makes me sick...

Anyway, just a thought that took 3 trainer sessions to write (poorly). ;)

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