Sunday, November 26, 2017

60 min Run


Thats the long run at the moment, ive been very careful with this, im doing Phisioteray 4 times per week witch is helping getting rid of this stubborn injury. BUT although i have been running 30-60 min doent mean that im ok, its still there but getting slowly better. I have been using my weekends to log some decent kms on the bike as during the week i cant do more than 1:30 on the trainer and therapy steals a big chunk of avaliable time. To add to my lack of time ive been forcing a bit of Gym work (yuck).

Im back to wheel building, well ate least one, that took me like 2 weeks to build wasting like 10-15 per day to build a wheel that i already tested (liked it). I built it using the F3SCDS Technology witch increased the stiffness by around 89% (i tightened the spokes ;)).

All good and moving in the right direction.

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