Wednesday, August 31, 2011


An update on past things.

The European LD Champs where a big bad day that fortunately didn't left any regrets.

The weekend was all but good, me and Vanessa only got our bag with race stuff at 4 am before the race, lost in the airport. so its not easy to tell how nerve wrecking that was for us. Anyway, i felt very tired on the race day, since the beginning, although the swim felt bad i left the water not so bad as it felt as i was not so far from the regular guys that leave behind me. the bike indeed where i felt all my trashed legs. from km 0 it was all about pain pain pain and no power on the pedals so with 3 (of a total 6) laps i pulled out knowing that i was not going to have a good race so there was no point of trashing my body more and more.

Vanessa was 2nd overall in all AG but curiously was beaten in her AG but even so, she had a very solid race despite not focusing too much on it, so the weekend was not so bad for me.

I had a few easy days after the race and i believe my "road to Kona" begun last weekend. although if i think about it it was a long journey from IMSA to Kona. In all my Age group mentality i told myself this year i would be there competing ;)

Saturday i did 4:10 with Power hills and 1h run
Sunday i had a brick of 4:20 with 2X30 min at 280-290W followed by a 40 min run in a decent but not hard pace

I will have a middle distance race in guadalajara, spain this weekend so this week i have been doing some intervals and low volume.

3800 swim
1:15 ride

3900 swim
1:45 bike with 4X6 min
30 min Trun at 4min/km

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