Monday, November 1, 2010

me ;)

not much to say as this is my blog ;)

this will be my 15th Ironman and this was my first (2003) and best result ever (2007, 2nd)

Not sure what to expect as i got sick 2 times after IM Wisconsin try, i actually feel that i really need a good break to recover my body, a break without being forced too. So i look forward to november 7th...

As i said training went from Awesome to Sick in the last months. But you never know, sometimes awesome performances come in very weird situations ;)


João Correia said...

Grande Sérgio,
keep on rollin' and all the best in the states.

Anonymous said...

sim, concordo, com as expectativas assim assim, estão reunidas as condições para uma excelente performance.
afinfa-lhes e boa sorte.
antónio bento