Sunday, November 7, 2010

happy for the crew mad for the rest

2 dnf, me and Vanessa, what a pair.

For me it ended soon...

I swam what i would expect missed the Vabrosek/longree + others group by a a minute or so, after that i could only hold the 2ºC for 10 miles where i passed Longree and was just about to do so with vabrosek, the next 10 miles it was just too much to the point i couldnt ride straight, i pulled to the side shivering and asked someone to get into a car, that was about it.

Vanessa had to pull out in the run due to the injury she got in the bike crash.

As for the rest of the boys, Pedro Gomes...What to say, what a race he led half of the run before cunama passed him for the win, He held of Bockel to mach my result in this race, i was really pulling for him to get the win, he defenetely has what it takes to get it soon, what a season for him.

Sedi finally got below 9h and below 3h on the run and won the age group

Rodrigo finished in 9:17 and 7th in the AG

Sergio Costa finished in 9:32 and 17th in the AG

Hugo Ribeiro finished in 9:43 and 19th in the AG

Pedro Quintela finished 10:10 and 33rd in the AG

and finally Sonia Quintela did it 11:37 and finished 16th in the AG


Anonymous said...

Hello Pica;

This is just a phase; you are an athlete with great potential and skills. You have proved that you are capable to do beautiful things. Probably you will have to look in and see what is not working or not allowing you to reach the desired point. I truly believe that you will come stronger than ever. Have fun and enjoy the racing, the results will come.
Paullus Lourenco

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Anonymous said...

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Shawn and Tracy said...

Sorry it didn't go as planned, I know you had so much more to give on that day. congrats to the rest of your crew, what a great bu8nch to be around!
See ya in 2011,