Monday, September 13, 2010

they come in pairs

Well i was certanly not expecting this for sure....

the day seemed to be perfect, and actually the forecast was very good with the winds picking up at the time the field should be going home and as a tail wind, temperature was really nice for racing, not hot not cold, perfect. Even the run course was easier since the big hill, the observatory hill had construction so it was eliminated.

Swim was way off what i could do, i didnt have that initial kick and geezz i never had to swim the whole course alone in front, that was what happened. i really didnt felt alright in the water but when i got out i kinda felt relieved that Steffan riesen was on my feet as well as desiree ficker and going through the maze in Monona terrace transition area i had a glimpse of Max longree that was still to go into the indoor area while i was already getting my bike. considering how i felt that was not too bad.

Down the helix and away we go, i was under the impression that riesen was just not a good guy to follow knowing that he is a very good cyclist. I het him go and had my own pace. Getting into the first hills i was feeling great and already with nutrition at 100%. in fact before i got to verona, around 20 km into the bike i could still see Riesen a few undred meters ahead. Hmmm, that was nice of course, then i got into the 2 loop course and while doing some of those 90 degree turns i got a flat. S%$^$&

pulled to the side of the road and did whatever i needed to do i saw some good names going through, Max was one of them and actually he took more time to pass me than i would expect witch probably meant that i actually incresed my lead in that 25km. as i was about to use the co2, the adapter just fell apart, the o ring seals just melted, they probably where sitting there for to long, i dont know but it just didnt work. i was kinda fortunate because the bike tech support didnt take too long to show up, changed the wheel and i was out of there. i had been passed by a few AG but knowing that people do tend to get excited ealry on the bike i didnt really care.

at this time i just wanted to know what was my gap to the lead and how that would feel as a decent, considering a flat, or managable with so many miles to go.

i was feeling good and was pushing really good power. that information only came with 70km into the ride and from a reliable source :D 20 min!!!
Oh, thats not too bad at all!! already knowing the course well i was around 4:50 time for the ride and, excluding, of course, the flat that would put me somewhere closer to 5 than 4:50 but that gap really didnt felt too bad.

then at 80km the tire on the borrowed front wheel just came out of the rim (that wheel was clincher) and the tube blew loud and clear!!! noooooo!!

I had the trek van behind me 1 2 minutes afterwards, Mark from trek came out of it to see what happened and actually offered me a replacement and the tech support van got there too but actually had no whhels. Feeling miserable i just took my chip out and call it a day. Damn

Im disapointed of course, very, but what can i do! now its time to pack up and get back home. Unfortunately the Tech guy that replaced my wheel doesnt know where my wheel is so now i dont have wheel and have to find it somewhere today, i could use some better luck this weekend, i hope i get it or Vince will be mad at me :(

Another note to how i enjoy this racing venue, a transition area inside the monona terrace is just insane, i dont think there is something like it at least with 2500 athletes in it, the city of madison is awesome with very friedly people and students, just great.

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