Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Its just great to meet old friends that i made in 2004 when i raced my 2nd ironman. The Barmores, Rickers and shewpies that im still up to visit and say hi.

It is quite rewarding when i was told the story of  jake shewpie. back then he was a normal kid that liked to do rock climbing now he is a olimpic team rower with triathlon in the middle. kinda of the inverse sporting carrer i had, and aparently i got him into endurance sports after my stay in shewpies home in 2004. just WOW, i look forward to see him in london the land of rowing. i do hope he makes it!!!

anyway, in the weekend i had the chance to go to castle rock lake, just awesome place with great company, great riding swimming and running too bad it is frozen during the winter :P i had a great time there.

before that i went to FOOTBALL and watched middleton kick madison east butt and mckensie dance in half time. It was cold, actually it has been quite bad the weather, windy, chilly, i hope it gets better for the next weekend because like this its not fun.

I have been feeling some times bad some times good without any particular order.

photos and dinner

me at the chilly and breezy football game

mckensie dance team

castle rock lake, or at least a small part because its quite big

the morning workout

the cabin

homemade oatmeal and caramel cookies and coffee, i could live out of these :P

going out for some water sports in a very fast boat

trying out the fast vehicle

early morning photo before the ride

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João Pedro Glória said...

E não te mudas para aí?
Isso é bonito.