Friday, April 16, 2010

final hard days around here, some sexual content in this post.

A tall sweedish blond that will remain anonymous confessed in a massage session while screaming in pain that that pain was better than sex...........!!!!!??????

this guy??!!CMON

i hope i never get to that point, i do however have a training related good vibes when i it feels so easy to run fast for 1h after a 6h ride, but definitely not sex... ;)

its final stages of preparation for Utah, i have been feeling well in training, a bit tired here and there but overall very good feelings.

I raced another sprint the past weekend, just after a long run (not a good feeling), another fast workout and in the process helping the team to place 3rd, for me it could be better, the swim was very tough and i definitely didn't swam in the fastest route possible, it was almost impossible to spot the buoys....

the quarteira aqua park

to make it worse, i messed the transition and lost track of my bike, maybe i was a bit dizzy from the swim ;) but i did lost a big group with this and ended up pulling the bike alone with a few guys on the wheel and in the last lap i caught one of the group that dropped back from the big one that i missed early on. 

t2 had no problems and the run was nice, i didn't felt very well in the first lap but in the second i ran almost 1 min faster than the first, nice. 

it was a nice weekend in the south of portugal. SUN and friends a good relaxing saturday.

as for training, plenty enough to keep me busy and feeling like a race is a good recovery.

so here are the past 2 weeks totals

week 13(after half IM)

swim: 17,2km

Bike: 550km

Run : 83km

week 14:

swim: 17km

bike: 515km

Run: 129km

race: quarteira sprint distance

this is the final week of good volume...


VICVFX said...

I just hope I get lucky instead of in trouble ´cause of that post dude....
The girls will be lining up at the door pretty soon I bet....
I definitely need a sound proof door....

I love you too


Fernstie said...

I would say the swedish blond is crazy..
Not that I don't love your hands Vic... :)