Thursday, April 29, 2010

are we there yet!!??

Its about time i arrive to St george!!!

actually everything went acording to plan but it was a long journey to get here. The drive from las vegas to St george was very hard, i had to stop severall times to stay awake at the wheel, ouch.

Anyway, im here and im fine, i will need a good night of sleep today as last night was nonexistent. i felt tired the whole day today but did all the necessary stuff including a ride in the loop of the bike ride. Hmmmmm i would say its far from the toughness of Lanzarote but its defenetely a tough cookie. it has bad surface for almost the entire distance especially going out on the slow slow uphill, there is nothing flat except when you get to the top and turn right back to St george. there are a few hard short climbs especially the last one but after that its about speed and downhill, its very fast going back to St George but again surface is not perfect, oh well the butt will suffer!!!

Short swim and short run to try feel the body, during the day the wind picked up really hard and the forecast doesnt look good but other than that everything is cool. Im staying with Eric, Ann and their 3 kids, lovelly family that are actually volunteer captains.

more later


VICVFX said...

rest, rest, rest, recover....

david caldeirao said...

boa sorte miudo!!!
que tenhas um Perfect Day...

Miguel Andrade said...

Fui um pouco ingénuo em relação ao longo de Lisboa :D

Boa prova! Kick some ass!

João Correia said...

Que estejas em grande, são os meus votos.

Ricardo Francisco said...

Aquela natação em Lisboa não engana...dá-lhe Sérgio !
Ficamos a torcer e na expectativa de um bom dia..


Ricardo said...

Parabens meu amigo,és o maior!

A seguir ao Mourinho és a meu orgulho enquanto português!!!!

Um abraço,

Faz Boa viagem

O Pedro manda-te um grande abraço!

Ricardo Santos