Thursday, October 8, 2009

another day in kona

nothing to report, other than a flat during the ride although its a small leak and only noticed after shower. ironman week in kona is always something special...

today i woke up and just relaxed as i only had a bike workout. after the workout i went to the sheraton hotel to have my bike "retuled" and to try the normatec compression boots (nice)

after lunch i wet to the Slowtwitch meeting... you cant miss this :P

a few photos

trying the normated boots
me and codinha riding the queen k
i hope i dont look like this on race day
watch out for the head wind
codinha staying aero
my next years ride, im riding an XXXXXXS bike with, uuuh, 300cc wheels

and a pointless video of my ride in the queen K. it was a good try though but unfortunately i dont have a scooter to make motor pacing yet alone a car to shoot a video :P :P :P


Miguel Andrade said...

Normatec boots look great!

Força e boa prova para ambos! Divirtam-se!

Anonymous said...

Man, that's was crazy riding with a camera with all that trafic... not a good time to crash!

We love the pictures wait after the race to do anything silly!

Ricardo Francisco said...

Como fanático que sou vou estar as 8 horas e tal a olhar para o monitor. Faço votos para que desta vez consigas colocar todo o teupotencial na estrada sem azares ! Um top 20 tá bem ao alcance ! Boa sorte para o Codinha tb...
forte abraço