Sunday, January 18, 2009

first block of training under way

With the end of the second week of four of my first block of training this year i have nothing to say other im feeling good, fitter and a bit lighter as well. That wasnt hard of course...

I have 2 track sessions on my belt and lots of strength training in the gym. Swimming with the big group of athletes is very good and my swim times are better a few seconds than last winter. Theresalways the placebo effect claim but i feel that gym is doing good things to me.

Im also enjoying some mountain bike riding and actually did a 60km race last weekend that was going really well until i lost in the bushes while i was riding 3rd at around 30km, it was fun anyway...but i would enjoy it better if i havent lost, i wasnt the only one though ;)

im the blue guy in this group

enjoy the winter...

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