Sunday, December 14, 2008

Season is getting planed

And the first thing first. I will be working with Sergio Santos and Antonio Jourdan in the upcoming seasons.

And will be part of the portuguese training group that trains in my backyard. One thing is for certain, a lot will change and it wont be just my return to track sessions that for so long where out of my schedule :D

Im starting tomorrow although i have been doing some really unstructured training the past few weeks.

Planing the season is next, although i have some ideas i have nothing "organized".

The Hotta is on hold right now since i sent some important parts for paiting. I know the world is excited for the finish of this project of mine :P

And, finally, since some asked about a closer look of my custom MTB here it is


Anonymous said...

So those changes (coaching staff) means that you will be racing more short course early on next season?

Are you still focusing in getting back to KONA in 2009?

WC Athlete said...

Kona Forever :P

dcaldeirao said...

Sérgio, que boa noticia......., estavas a precisar de mudar algo, e parece-me que esta é capaz de ser uma boa decisão, só espero que este ano seja de grande sucesso!!!

Marcos Apene do Amaral said...

Sergio, aqui Marcos Apene do Amaral do Brasil, como vai?! Lembras de mim?! Lhe desejo o melhor ano de sua carreira e gostaria de manter contato pois pretendo desenvolver-me profissionalmente nesse esporte, assim como você!
By the way, were you trained by Paulo Sousa?! Why why are you changing?! Would like to hear about it! Thank you so much, Marcos!

WC Athlete said...

hey MArcos how areyou doing

A change was needed, for me coaching wise...that all