Sunday, December 28, 2008

the first "test"

Yesterday i did my first test of the season, 10km race in Lisbon (Sao Silvestre de Lisboa).
Weather was really bad, rain and cold but it was a nice comeback to Running races that have been out of my "calendar" for a couple years.

The result was rather expected, I'm out of shape and fat as a pig :P, the last time i had this kind of weight was when i was a rower in winter time. But it was good to just forget about all the healthy foods and diet for a few months something i haven't done for several years. Going back to a decent weight will be something i will nedd to do in the next weeks. Back to the race, i did around 34:40 and i finished with all sorts of pains in my legs because of the effort and today i woke up very sored and some temdoms hurt a bit but i think i will be fine in a few days. Today i also went for my first long (4:30) ride of the year (or i should say season).

I also got back to a weight room, something i haven't seen seriously since my rowing times too.

have a great year


Anonymous said...

What kind of calendar are you guys (portuguese) on! Doesn't the year starts on January 1st...

Weight problem? I saw somewhere that a Pro Triathlete burns the equivalent of 34 pounds in a single month if they don't replace it! So you could be skinny in no time, not really an issue!

Lifting weights, that's very good. You will be faster in the water! I guess you're tired to start the race 5-10 minutes after the others once out of the water... ;)

Good job.

Happyman said...

Epá...também um gajo que faz uma prova de gorro,sobretudo e calças (acho eu) não pode esperar grande coisa LOL. Aquilo era para fazer de fato de borracha e mínimo...e olha que para quem viu parecia que ías muito descontraído :)

Abraço e boa sorte para este ano