Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lets oil the engine

Winter training, everyone likes it right?

Well i have started training first with some weeks of very ramdom stuff then the past weeks have already been of some decent scheduled training.

The goal is to have an early race in 2012, Melbourne is without a doubt the favorite in my short list but is a hell of a ride to get there well... Neverthless and since i like working out, ive been doing so without being really sure what to do race wise, sugestions are welcome ;)

I recently introduced Yoga in my training with my good friend Carlos from CP Yoga, one hell of a core strength workout, i was humbled. Of course going straight to an intermediate class is part of the toughness. 
Im not happy with my swim milieage right now as i have been waiting for my favorite pool to be 100% open to the public thus bringing my regular group back to normal training. Other than that running and biking have seen a lot of high intensity, short duration interval almost everyday. so far i have been feeling pretty well.

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