Wednesday, August 11, 2010

changing address for a week...

tomorow ill leave lisbon and go to Tomar witch is a lot more quieter than here. a week of meditation ;)

its been a while since i spent some days over there actually so it will be good to go back and log some final miles before heading to US.

the tour of portugal is under way, just as good as the Tour...ok not so but we have our cycling reality. as the distance from my home to tomar is quite doable ill have my own stage of 170km to get there and definitely a good workout, just hope that the wind is not blowing from north or i will have some problems making the 5h cut witch is my scheduled workout.

training is going pretty well and most of the key workouts are getting in from loooong track workouts at noon with 38º (like today) to long bricks , some more easily than others for sure but are all in the bag, still a few to go, the heat that has been consuming the portuguese forest unfortunately is more than enough to deal with the kentucky area. I honestely dont think my swim is as good as a couple months ago before going to that nightmare in altitude but i would say i will be fine in louisville ;) i hope

ill be checking in tomorrow if i can log in

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