Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100% under control

but not 100% recovered. Thats is how i feel now about my injury. I am now running out of the grass at a very slow pace but im feeling better as days go by witch is very good. 1h yesterday and 1:10 today. I still some leftovers at my piriformis area but im sure that with some patience and without risking overloading with fast runs and duration i will be 100% very soon.

Of course training was everything but organized, going to australia is now totally out of the question and as soon as i feel that i can start preparing decently for a race i will make adjustments to the shedule.

I also had the presentation of a new team with big anbitions to develop new talents. As you could see in one of the photos i sent with my cell phone (YEAY) last saturday was the presentation of the Aguias de alpiarca triathlon team. Myself, The olimpic athlete Duarte marques and the local hero Miguel Arraiolos are the most experienced atheletes and im glad to be part of such an ambitious project.

here is a video coverage of the presentation.

yes of course, the video in in fact in portuguese!!!

I was suposed to start the season this weekend in a off road duathlon but as you would imagine, im out ;)


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