Thursday, December 3, 2009

portuguese precision handcraft!!

This weekend i will have yet more fun with a 100km MTB race...
I had to work a bit to have my bike ready and my last mud bath last sunday produced a broken deralium hanger. i couldnt find a replacement in time so in good portuguese fashion i had to fabricate one :D

from a aluminum bar and after a few hours building strength in my harms i did one that will work even better, i bet the frame will break before this one does :D take a look at the portuguese precision handcrafted hanger

the aluminum bar and the first step of what looks to be a hanger

brute force :P

looks like something

old one and the new one with a lot of work left

almost done

just fixing holes left and some finishing touches

im curious to see how it holds this weekend


Vasco said...

Podes partir a bicla toda, mas agora o dropout fica! ;)

Pedro Lopez said...

e já la vai mais uma eheh...acho melhor registar a patente disso...

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