Monday, June 15, 2009

testing weekend

this weekend was refreshing... I did a 24h moutain bike race in monsanto, that for who doesnt know is a really nice and big park just around the corner in the middle of lisbon.

No, i didnt actually ride for 24h, but i did ride for as long as there was natural light, in the end it was arond 15:30-16h, 9:30 on saturday and 5:30 on sunday. Given that on top of that i still had a non bike workout to do before starting the "race" on saturday. it was a busy weeked...

On saturday i had the goal of trying some things nutrition wise and it was very good indeed, i ended up at 9:30 PM with almost a lap on the second place rider and feeling very very well and with an happy face, 5:30 of sleeping and and at 6:30 am i was back to finish the job. I didnt ride at night for the obvious was dangerous. but i still finished 9th overall!!

The course was fun, it had techical downhills, single tracks hard climbs, open dirt roads, it was fun and its always fun to do something fun :P

I suffered a bit of my wrists, back and arms, but today i was really feeling good phisically while swimming and running....considering that i rode a mountain bike for 16h out of nothing... fun

A special thanks to the portuguese Trek distributor, BICIMAX, for having a 2010 (yes) top fuel 9 for me to ride, awesome machine.

fotos of course,i looklike a pro :P


Marcos Apene do Amaral-AçaíTri said...

Good job! Amazing pictures on the trails! They are much more roots/wild than our "road looking"!

MarkyV said...

...and your first xterra is when???


acandeia said...

;) you just love push yourself to the limits don't u? I think it's part of u. At least Keep's u smilling :P
XX Kiss